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About my spiritual path

I found myself on the Shamanic path in 1997 after a decade of study in other Earth-based spiritual practices. The majority of my training has been through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. The FSS teaches Core Shamanism, which draws from cultures all over the world, taking what is universal in Shamanic practices but leaving specific cultural traditions to their own peoples.

My human shamanic teachers:I have studied extensively with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and have been deeply moved by the teachings of many loving shamanic people that you should check out: Betsy Bergstrom in Depossession and Mediumship. Janine Ellison in her foundational and Extraction healing, Tom Cowan for Celtic Shamanism, Anank Nunink Nunkai from Ecuador, Miguel Kavlin from Bolivia, Isa Gucciardi in Depossession, mentor and friend John Lawrence, Sandra Ingerman in Soul Retrieval, Leslie Conton in many, many things, as well as Bhola Banstola from Nepal, Sangoma John Lockley from South African and Christiana Harle from Finland.

My biggest healers have been those who have helped me along the way, changing me as a person through their unconditional love. I ask for the gift to help others in the same way.

My biggest teachershave been the Initiations of Hardship that life has presented me with and my dedication to following a path of healing. Now this has changed, as the Love and Light I receive from Spirit and Friends teaches me as profoundly as hardship has in the past.

What I have taken away from all this is:

Technique does not heal, only love does.
The spirits are alive and well; the depth of my relationship with them is up to me.
Compassion is a powerful and mysterious thing; it is the answer to most of my questions.
The same way of working loses its power.


In world view and cultural leaning I am a pagan, meaning I am a person who experiences the divine primarily through nature. This also means that I sense life and intelligence in all things. My pagan roots are in the Starhawk flavor of the Craft but have vastly broadened over the years.

My personal practice of spiritual soul strengthening, energy clearing, me-stabilizing outside of Shamanism is found in Qigong at Embrace the Moon.

I am a Sacred Visual Artist and can bring interdimensional atmosphere to your rituals and events. For more about that, see the'My Art' page.






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