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Tasara lead me through a soul retrieval ceremony, it was one if the most beautiful and powerful experiences of my 20's. I had always felt something was missing. After the ceremony, I reconnected to ancient parts of myself and a childlike joy grew in me as if bubbling up from the unknown. Along with that part of my soul, Tasara found my spirit animal Jaguar and returned that energy to me. Jaguar is with me constantly and I feel the protection and unconditional love. It has been several years and I still am so happy that I found Tasara and to be part of her magic. She returned me to myself after I had been away so long. Later on, we did another ceremony, a gentle deposession ceremony. The dark cloud I always had felt suffocating me slowly lifted, I was shocked. Life changing. I would not hesitate to recommend Tasara, she is VERY compassionate and easy to talk to, I was so nervous, but she put me right at ease. Tasara is a beautiful old soul full of wisdom.

Ashley Ruiz, October, 2014

Tasara is an incredible teacher who is passionate about, and actually lives the things she teaches. My life has been highly enhanced by all the countless things I have learned from her guidance. And the fact that she is constantly learning and seeking and testing new things to broaden her own experience and wisdom translates into an ever widening base of knowledge for her students. I have already highly recommended her to a number of people.
Patrick Corrigan, April 22, 2010
Tasara brings a blended view (Shamanism, Magic, practical) and experience to the shamanic world. She is able to move from the realms of shamanism to the realm of technology and the ordinary. She patiently walks a person through their first faltering steps while working with experienced and sometimes recalcitrant individuals with patience and grace.
Atherton , September 30, 2009

Jen (Tasara is Jen's sacred name.) has a compassionate gift for understanding each person in a group, and facilitating the group so it works synergistically. I have discovered parts of myself that were obscured, and delighted to be freed, as have the others in our group. Jen sees deep into people, and into the energy of the group, and into the deeper meaning and higher purpose of the group. She is de-light-ful. Make sure you spend some time in her classes or events!!!
Carol D Canterbury, September 28, 2009


"Jen lit a path of self discovery and universal exploration that I never thought possible. She is wise and curious, dedicated and receptive, compassionate and strong. She brings these qualities directly to her students in a way that is empowering and passionate. I am very grateful that our paths have collided; I would be a different person if they hadn't." - Laura 2009
"Hi Tasara, I keep tripping over this testimonial because what I really want to say is that I feared I was going to hell before I met you. I came to your course out of an intensely narrow religious experience, but with a left over connection to the divine that I wanted to deepen and grow. You taught me how compassion flows out of a heart in love with Spirit regardless of their doctrine. You showed me your connection to the universal force of love, and shared with us your tools for experiences in the lower, middle and upper worlds, and you were exactly the person I needed to know and learn from at exactly the time I took your course. You revealed to me some of my first glimmers of spirit free from rules and bounderies, but still within a set of basic principles that have been used as tools through centuries. I am still gnawing on the meat I have tucked away from this richly fulfilling 6 weeks of life changing circles. Thank you, beautiful Tasara.

much love
Christina 2009"


"Jen has a heart the size of the Forest that surrounds, supports and nurtures her. She is a gifted and authentic healer who strives constantly to deepen her relationship with Spirit and offer a safe place for those who need healing.

Jen believes in community and works tirelessly to bring it into fruition. If you ever get a chance to support her in this, you will not be disappointed. This is because she understands deeply what it is to be alone and because she knows the healing power of community.

She is my friend, my teacher and my healer." - Sian 2007


"I took Jen's 'Core Shamanism' class in the fall of '08. Going into the class I was not sure what to expect, but I got out of it much more than I hoped for. Jen is a knowledgeable, compassionate, real, and down-to-earth teacher. I have also had two shamanic healing sessions with Jen. The work we did has made subtle yet profound changes in my life and helped set the stage for my next phase of growth. I would recommend Jen's teaching and healing work to anyone with an interest in shamanism, shamanic healing or earth-based spiritual practice."
-Anna 2009


"Jen carefully designed a safe, open healing space to sooth old wounds. The soul retrieval allowed for me to reconnect with my most inner being on the deepest level. This healing journey opened me up for self-forgiveness and made room for my next chapters of truly honoring my soul through love for myself and the chapters of the past. "
- Julie2005


"Jen brings a respect for varied traditions and a deep sense of community to her teaching. Her enthusiasm and clarity come through in all of her classes." - TN


To Tasara:
"Thank You again for your beautiful and joyful ritual . I was able to take it all in, soak it in, recieve that I was at the center. In my world, that is big news. Since the beginning of this whole process, my energy has been strong and flowing. 

After the ritual-celebration I felt good, relaxed and open. My awareness of negative thought patterns has really expanded. I feel more at ease with myself, more moments of happy in my skin. I love it. I can be my own friend more of the time. The pieces of my soul are back for singing dancing and fun. I only have to Be strong, Be myself, Go my own way,Take heart and Be aware!!! Be awake"!!!! So simple, yet because it goes against my mind's habititual shaming thought patterns, not easy. An everyday intentional practice ,yes? 

With love and gratitude,  - Gina " 2006

To Jen:
"The effect was profound and I do not use that word lightly. If you do not think so, just asked the people who know me well. The ceremony was a palpable and demonstrable turning point and a beginning. It's worth noting that it was not an isolated event. As a matter of fact one could say that the TIMING was as profound as the effect. It synchronized with the events of my life and stands to this day as a marker to refer back to for perspective and experience.

You understand how to create a safe space, how to make me feel safe, and the validity of safety. The other work I have done (counseling, Reiki, living in community, etc) would not have gone the same without the soul retrieval. Indeed, I might not now be alive and/or grateful to be alive without that event.
This last weekend was full of "red flags" which I managed to navigate with a notable degree of success. Your work served and continues to serve as a foundation from which I offer my own work to others AND even more important, work on myself.

May Blessings and Love be Yours, Len " 2004


"Jen is an amazing, genuine, devoted, deep, absolutely impeccable [in the best sense of that attitude] woman/shaman/healer/friend.  She brings an expanded consciousness to all her activities, she weaves a web of inter-connectedness in her shamanic work, in her movement work, in her play, in quiet conversation. She is a catalyst, naturally creating community. Also, she is friendly, funny and a wonderful friend.  She is truly a precious jewel." - Carol 2005


To Jen:
"I wanted to check in with you about the journey work and soul retrieval that you facilitated for me. The strongest feeling that I have felt since then is greater CLARITY...I have been so centered and strong, feeling mostly unaffected by all the wacky psychic energy here, which is a huge improvement...I feel like I am piecing myself back together after the whole summer whirlwind, and I feel like I am slowly coming back into health...the biggest thing that I have been focusing on lately is staying really grounded..." -Seda 2005

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