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Shamanic Teachings, Healing, Art, Celebration and Magic

Shamanic Journey Practices
and Earth-based Spirituality

This is session is cancelled.
Please stay in touch for a possible relisting in January.



8 week Course
Wednesday nights, 7:15-9ish pm, starting October 1st.

Right on the bus lines in the Eastlake 'hood of Seattle

Taught by Tasara.

Relationship to our helping spirits is at the root of all shamanic practices. Everything we do, we do with our medicine animal spirit friends and our guides on the other side. These are strong relationships that grow over time. They are relationships of complete trust and mutual love.

Because of this, it only makes sense that learning to journey is the gateway to learning shamanism. It becomes a prerequisite for all other classes.

After you establish first contact with your heart guides, we continue with deeper shamanic practices to help you steep in the medicine offered to you by these benevolent spirits, discovering your spiritual gifts and rerouting your neural patterns to be able to continue this in the future..


Spirit allies can take the form of animals, plants, deities, teachers, angels, rocks...the list is very long. When we deepen our relationship with our allies, we allow them to assist us with the deepest challenges of our personal life.

  • We will go over spiritual protection techniques and different types of shamanic journey for navigating in the otherrealms and for walking in the everyday world.
  • We will explore upper and lower worlds, discuss benefits of clear cosmology.
  • Introduction to the following areas is also presented: types of shamanic healing, devotion, wheel of the year, elements of a ritual, community circle dynamics, journeying and finding a power animal for others..
  • Additional topics are added to meet the needs of the particular class.

Space is limited to 8 students, so please sign up early!


Eight Wednesday nights, 7:15-9ish pm
starting October 1st

Private home: Address given upon registration.
Right on the bus lines in the Eastlake 'hood of Seattle


$225 until Sept 1st, $260 thereafter.

Students taking it for the second time can come in at $160. (if that is needed).


1. Please pay $75 nonrefundable deposit below
2. Send an email "Tasara AT" with your name, address, phone number and a detailed description as to why you are taking this course. Also, whether you are allergic to cats.

Full payment will be due at the first session.
No refunds after April 1st.

Upon full registration, you will receive a welcome letter and the address of the class. Then, you have begun your journey. Keep an ear out for the power animals.

Journey Class
Short Workshops - Toes Wet
Shamanic Journey - Building Block
Raven Medicine Circle - Deeper Work
Extraction Healing - Healer Path
Soul Retrieval - Healer Path
Depossession - Healer Path
Tree Medicine - in the Redwoods
Private Lessons

Class Protocol