Littlelight Ceremonies

Shamanic Teachings, Healing, Art, Celebration and Magic

There is power in honest ceremony

It is a time and space carved out for personal purpose, borne from the heart, from honest and true intention. We enter this sacred place to stand present in our yearning, to bring forth our own beauty and to hear it answered.

For all healing and teachings are deep remembrances of who we are,
of the things we already know.

If you feel that you need shamanic healing

I will travel to my helping spirits to find out what they suggest would help you. If your life is in transition, I would be honored to walk besides you, co-crafting a ceremony to honor and enhance your passage. May you find wholeness and joy in your life.

Such sacred events become actual places in our beings
that we carry with us throughout our lives.

If you are looking for a shamanic or magical teacher

You have come to a place of the great tree, where earth meets sky and angels commune with power animals. These are your most profound teachers, as I can only show you the techniques and point towards the door. The level of commitment you offer to the path will forge the caliber of experience you find in return.

Learn to track the energy in your life, delve into communion with Mother Earth’s healing resources, find rich relations with your spirit friends. Move freely in the otherworlds for answers, for sustenance, for increased love in your world.

Break free from the patterns that bind you.

~ ~

~~In deep respect for all beings~~~

Seattle, WA


Short Workshops - Toes Wet
Shamanic Journey - Building Block
Raven Medicine Circle - Deeper Work
Extraction Healing - Healer Path
Soul Retrieval - Healer Path
Depossession - Healer Path
Tree Medicine - in the Redwoods
Private Lessons

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