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A Note to Pagans

If you are coming from a Pagan path, you are very welcome here. I identify as a pagan, as well. I've practiced ritual-crafting for over 20 years and weave such teachings into my classes and circles.

I do not teach magic classes outright because I feel magic is too powerful. So powerful that it is not wise to enter such practices without first developing strong relationships with one's power animal and spirit teachers. It is better to put the compassionate spirits at the helm when we are invoking great powers than to think that we can always be clear of our human inner confusions. Middleworld work is not always safe, so I teach those that have stuck around long enough to have learned how to protect themselves, from themselves and others.

However, if you are a pagan, you probably know quite a bit about magic already. Allow the compassionate spirits to enter your work in a regular, dedicated way and you will see a great transformation happen. You will have spirit friendships that will develop and grow over your lifetime. You will have learned how to access their guidance on your own. You will no longer need to wonder on a a lot of things, because you will know how to journey on your questions and ask the spirits directly in a manner that leaves little room for doubt.

For a taste of how your magical work can be changed by shamanism in a beautiful way, take a look at my article:

How to Make a Talisman or Sacred Power Object

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