Littlelight Ceremonies

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House Blessings

It is nice when settling into a new home to honor the spirits of the place, including the land around it.

This can be done at any time: right before you move in when the space empty, right when you get there or later, after you've set up your things.

This can be a private ritual or the kick-off to your house warming party. Giving your friends and family the option to participate can be a gift to them, too.


Rites of Passage

Ceremony creates powerful imprints in our lives,
our energetic fields and our memories.

Life's Initiatons

Coming of Age
Graduating from school.
Finishing a book
Becoming a parent
Changing one's career
Coming out of the closet
The kids leave the house
Reaching a new understanding of life and one's self
Kicking an addiction

What a wonderful time to create a ceremony to walk through the portal we have felt around us.

Maiden to Mother

This Initiation recognizes the parts of you that you are leaving behind, the gifts you have that will make you a great mom and welcomes the great nurturing Mother Spirit to come bless your path.

We also celebrate and welcome the new life you are bringing into this world! It is a nice time to allow your friends and family to honor you, witness you and support you in this life's change.


Letting go can be a whole lot easier with ceremony.

The process of losing someone or something may be long past but it may be time to honor your hard work in overcoming.

Gather your things. Remember your thanks. Take a walk outside time and bring them to the fire. Or the wind. Or rain. Invite a few friends if you like, to strengthen you in love.

It is time that such things be in the past.

Difficult Times

Sometimes when things are hard, we need help getting back in touch with the Sacred. Perhaps there has been a death. A divorce. Or a move across the country.

Co-creation of a healing ceremony can help to:

  • cope with extreme stress or emotional times
  • help bring you into a safe place, physically and emotionally
  • find your spiritual allies
  • find the practice that will help in your grounding

We can find the right tools for you to be able to take care of yourself, explore your situation to discover what kind of ceremony would strengthen your place of centeredness, plant seeds together representing where you want to go or things you want to bring into your life.

Protection During Major Surgery


The Wedding

The decision to take an oath to walk the rest of one's life path with another is a serious undertaking. To seal this oath in a spiritual ceremony brings the profound blessing gift of light and sustenance from the compassionate spirits for the long journey ahead. The compassionate spirits of love come into the vessel you have created between you and act as guidance and healing agents.

We will go through a process together of asking questions about your values in life and relationship to discover the elements that will exemplify these things in your most sacred binding ceremony of matrimony.


And then on to celebrate!

I am not a trained psychologist or psychiatrist. Though a healing ceremony is a good place for witnessing, talking and listening, the crux of the work will be on spiritual healing. If you need a traditional therapist, check my resources page.


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